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C.C. Hardy Physical Education

Hi Hardy Families!! I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is "Coach" to the Kids and my out of school name is Tammy Schneider. I have been teaching in WISD for many many many years and am still excited to wake up everyday and get the move on at C.C.Hardy. I still have the desire to learn new and exciting things that will encourage our students to move their bodies either in a sports related atmosphere or in any activity that will inspire them to move their body everyday for a min. of 60 minutes.
I am a graduate of Texas A&M and Masters Degree from Sam Houston State University. I feel that I am qualified to share my love of moving and sports with your child, however; I know that a child doesn't care how much you know or how many degrees you have until they know that you CARE about them. I love my students and their parents and hope to encourage our students and families to become families that participate physically together.

Why P.E.:
Today's PE class is much more focused on why physical education is important as opposed to the drill-style techniques of yesterday. PE teachers now utilize different approaches to teaching physical activity and emphasize on why staying fits is so important, especially as waistlines continue to expand. Schools can play an important role in helping their students live healthier lives, and a high quality PE teacher can be a change agent in the lives of young people. Children need to understand why they should perform a variety of physical fitness activities. If they don't know the whys, the most likely they won't care.

Making PE Fun:
I enjoy creating a variety of fun activities that children will get their move and sweat on without realizing that they are even exercising as the fun is overwhelming them. During our 45 minute class students are always on their feet moving and exercising. Many times I will incorporate academic subjects into the lesson so that they are being exposed to another way of remembering things that they have learned in the classroom the movement way. Children who enjoy gym class are more likely to have physically active lives outside of school, according to a report in Health Psychology. Therefore, it's up to the PE teachers to create fun and bring new and exciting activities to the gym. It's important to implement physical activities that children enjoy and will hopefully continue to do outside of class. And by including activities for all students, this will allow everyone to be involved and challenge the more fitness-inclined kids.

I truly look forward to the beginning of the year when we crank things back up and get your kids MOVING and having Fun, Fun, Fun. We are going to have a great time running, dodging, rolling, throwing, dancing catching, juggling, cupstacking, Hot Shots, Field Day, Fitness Testing, climbing, obstacle courses, GaGa Ball, chasing, fleeing, playing games and mostly Filling Each Others Buckets.

See you in the Gym,

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Skating 101 begins Monday, December 7th

Please make sure you have signed the permission form for the skating.  Whether you have paid money or not, your child can still participate as long as a parent has signed the permission form.


Coach Schneider has sets of stacking cups for sale for $15.00. Any student wishing to purchase their own set of cups may purchase them from coach in the gym.  

Stay and Stock Thursday November 19th after school 4:00-6:00

Thursday November 19th. C.C. Hardy students have the opportunity to help stock up  our local food bank with can goods. Students that bring in 5 can goods along with the permission slip will be allowed to stay after school and have some extended fun after school from 4:00 to 6:00. 

Turkey Trot Thursday November 19th during Specials!!

Students will be participating in the Hardy Annual Turkey Trot during their Specials Block on Thursday November 19th.