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Mrs Haymond

The single biggest predictor of a student’s reading proficiency is the amount of time he or she spends reading independently.  (Anderson, 1988)
I am so excited to teach your child this year!  This is my fourth year at CC Hardy.  I have taught every grade from Pre-K - Fifth Grade, with the exception of third grade, most of the past twenty-five years. Most of my teaching has been in Colorado, Washington, and Utah. I absolutely love teaching reading and writing.  I look forward to a wonderful year of learning with your child!  
I team teach with Mrs. Herr, who teaches Math, Science and Social Studies.
In this course we will work in five strands of academic knowledge. These strands are reading, writing, research, listening and speaking, and oral and written conventions. The students will read and understand a wide variety of literary and informational texts. They will write to compose a variety of texts with clear controlling ideas, coherent organization and sufficient details. In the research strand the students will learn how to locate a range of relevant sources and evaluate, synthesize, to present ideas and information. They will also gain the tools to effectively listen and respond to the ideas of others while contributing their own ideas in conversations and within groups. Finally, in the oral and written communications strand the students will learn how to use grammar to speak and write in order to communicate effectively.
Please call me if you have any questions or concerns/  (936) 856-1241

Redo Assignments:


If your student receives a grade of 69 or below on an assignment, he or she will have an opportunity to redo the assignment.


  • There MUST be a parent/guardian signature on the failed assignment to indicate that parents are aware of the failing grade.
  • All redo assignments will be time sensitive- 2 weeks maximum from date assignment was returned to student.
  • All redo assignments will be completed during regular school hours or during tutorials.
  • Maximum score allowable is 70.


Late Work:

  •  In grade PK – 2nd grade, late work will be completed during recess or center time.  
  •  In grades 3 – 5, late work will be accepted at a penalty of 10 points per day, late up to five days.   

If work is consistently late, the teacher will call and request a parent conference.


Make-Up Work:

  • Students who are absent will have one day per each day absent to complete make-up or late work. 
Conduct communication is sent weekly in the Communication Binder.  Please sign and return the folders every Tuesday. 

0 - 1 Excellent (100-90%)
2 - 3 Satisfactory (89-80%)
4 - 5 Needs Improvement (79-70%)
6+ Unsatisfactory (69% and below)


Recent Posts

Writing Summit

Our Writing Summit (extra focus on writing) is March 6 - 17 and March 27-31.
We will work on composing expository essays, revising, and editing.  Our STAAR Writing exam is on March 28.  Please watch for notes about preparing for the big day! 

Peek at February

We are excited to show our writing growth on a writing benchmark on Tues, Feb 7!  We will continue to determine important facts in non-fiction  text.  Summarizing important details is a skill we work on continually.  
Good Fluency  is one of our goals in February.
Metacognition (thinking about your thinking) is another focus this week.  We will have several activities that promote this skill.
Social Studies has been exciting!  We are finishing our unit on the Texas Revolution and the important people in it.
Have a great month!

Homework for March

Please read at least 30 minutes a day!  Ask your child questions about what they read.  For example, summary, what was the theme, what is the main idea, Was there a problem or conflict? 
We are working on fluency.  This includes reading with expression, paying attention to punctuation, and how many words we can read in a minute.
Please have your child read one of these passages every night. Time them every night and record it on their Fluency Graph.  On Fridays we will read to a partner and score our fluency.  We will keep this times in our portfolios so we can see how we are progressing. 
If one passage is too hard, choose another.  There are 3 levels to choose from.  Choose the one that your student will be able to improve by Friday..

Specials Schedule

Monday:  Music
Tuesday:  PE
Wednesday: Library
Thursday:  PE
Friday:  Computer