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Hello, and welcome to Mrs. Herr Math and Science class!! Here you will find helpful information about our class, such as our class schedule and homework. Check here for important dates and information regarding our class.

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I'm pleased to announce that we are using IXL in the classroom as an additional support for our students. The students have their own personal log in, so they not only can practice in school but also practice at home as well!

I will be sending home a tracking sheet so the student is able to keep track of all the skills he or she has mastered.

Daily Math Review Quiz 8: Jan 17

This Daily Math Review Quiz is over comparing fractions, mix number and improper fractions, and simple fraction word problems (adding/subtracting, and comparing).
During our warm up time, for nine days we as a class review 3 things that we have previously learned about . On the tenth day we take a ten question quiz over those three things we had been reviewing. The day after we take the quiz we start over again with three new topics. This happens all year long.