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Solar Eclipse

Greetings Parents,
On Monday, August 21st, everyone across the country will experience a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks any part of the sun. The eclipse will begin in Willis around 11:46 a.m. and end around 2:45 p.m. At 1:16 p.m. 67% of the sun will be covered. The eclipse is part of the Texas science standards at multiple grade levels. To participate, our school has organized a structured, supervised viewing opportunity for students. The students' safety will be our top priority during the eclipse. Looking directly at the sun is unsafe. We will be following NASA's guidelines for safely viewing the eclipse, including special eclipse viewing glasses and pin-hole viewers. Additional safety information from NASA has been posted on the Willis ISD website. Experiencing a solar eclipse is a memory that lasts a lifetime. Please call (936) 856-1241 or email your student's teacher if you have any questions or if you would prefer to have your child opt out.
How will your student(s) view the solar eclipse?
Pre-K-2nd Grade Students- NASA's live video coverage in the CCH cafeteria.
3rd-5th Grade Students-Special eclipse viewing glasses and pin-hole viewers.
Eric J. Burns
C.C. Hardy Elementary Principal
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