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Dear Parent/Guardians:

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF 3RD GRADE!!!!!! I am excited about the new school year and hope that you are too. It is my hope that this will be an awesome and fantastic year for you, your child, and me. I have looked forward all summer to working with your child. This is the year they will become independent learners. Below are a few things that I would like to share with you:

** Parent/ Teacher Relationships are necessary! It is absolutely necessary for us to have a respectful and working relationship. I need you to assist your child with homework, encourage them to do their best, ensure they are studying each and every week, and remind them about the proper behavior that should be displayed at school each school day. Click the SUBSCRIBE button on each teacher's webpage (Mrs. Kizzie/Mrs. Easterling) to be updated when new material is added. Also, please feel free to contact me about student progress, or any problem or challenge that may come up, and update any contact information as it may change throughout the year. 

** HOMEWORK! Nightly Reading and daily Math homework are required and logged in their TEAM binder). Science and Social Studies Homework consists of vocabulary study and completing any work not finished in class. Please ask your child to share and show their homework to you. Homework is posted on their teachers website. 

** STATE TESTING! Each 3rd Grader will take a READING and MATHEMATICS STAAR test. We will prepare for these tests throughout the year. The students will take several practice exams in class so that they are familiar with the format of the test. Strong partnerships between home and school are essential for maximizing student success. If you know that your child struggles in one or both of these areas please help support them by working with them on the materials sent home, and keep in constant contact with me to ensure success throughout the year and on the test.
**School and Classroom Behavior (Be SAFE, Be RESPONSIBLE, Be RESPECTFUL)
CC Hardy is a PBIS school, which means we use a positive behavior approach to define and teach expected behaviors. In my classroom and throughout the school we hold a high expectation for appropriate student behaviors.  Appropriate behavior is rewarded in my classroom with "Gold Tickets." Your student will be learning about our classroom rules in the first weeks of school.  My classroom is a collaborative learning environment where students are expected to follow procedures for small group and whole class learning.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you over the course of the school year. Please do not hesitate to call me or visit our classroom. Again, I hope that this year will be a great experience for you and your child. If there are any questions or concerns, I can be reached via the school at (936)856-1241.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Mrs. Brown


Recent Posts

Parent Info Night 2-26-18 @ 5:30

Work some STAAR word problems, learn how to help your child, and level up on your vocabulary! 

2-16-18 Field Trip Info

Each student will receive a Free Pass to come back to Rainbow Roller Rink as they exit the building. 


Tips for having a great field trip to Rainbow Roller Rink

  1. Wear tall socks to avoid blisters.  $2 socks/pair are available at the roller rink.
  2. Know your shoe size
  3. Wear long pants that are easy to move in
  4. Bring safety gear if you have it (Ex: knee pads, helmet, etc)
  5. Leave jewelry and valuables at home
  6. Bring cash to enjoy the gift shop, video games, or snack bar.
  7. Pizza & drinks will be served for lunch

Hero Paper

This assignment is Due January 22. The Ladies of the Republic will be here on the 23rd to grade and give the awards. We are working on this in class each day. Your child has a checklist to follow, and they may work on it at home if they get behind. This is not a homework assignment. If they do take it home for you to see or to work on, then they MUST must bring their drafts back to school.

Information book deadline has been changed to Wednesday, December 20th. Students should have their rubric and rough draft to edit tomorrow in class.

3rd grade Math and Rdg Benchmarks next week!

Monday is Math Benchmark, and Wednesday is Reading. Please get a good night's rest, eat a brain healthy breakfast, and bring something to read when you are finished testing. (No blankets, pillows, or slippers... DRESS TO SUCCEED!)

Tailgate party for HOCO

Team Hardy hopes to see you out at the game tonight. You child was given a ticket for your family to come stop by, have some food, and visit at our tailgate tent from 6-7. Hope to see you there!

Unit 1 Science Test tomorrow

Unit 1 science test tomorrow. Review sheets were given out Friday and we went over them in class today. The key is posted under HW.

Schedule change

Recess time has been moved to 1:50 p.m. to allow for uninterrupted 3rd period block. 

Hurricane Harvey

We hope you and your family are safe and we welcome you back to school, Tuesday, September 5. The Parent Support Center is open to all Willis residents. If you would like to donate items or need items, please stop by their place (inside Roark across from Post Office).